First Aid for the Front Lines

The team practicing first aid

Rescue missions are one of the most important and dangerous functions that the Deafbridge team and partners perform at the front lines in Ukraine. Those in crisis whom the team is assisting may often be in need of first aid or trauma care. So, in preparation for upcoming missions, we set to work acquiring the skills needed to bring Deaf Ukrainians out of danger.

Deafbridge team standing discussing with first aid kits open on the table.

The Winter Will be Bleak

While the military push into Ukraine has currently slowed down, there are dark times ahead. We have received news that more intense violence is expected to escalate throughout the fall and into a bleak winter. The war is not finished. Rescue missions which are a difficult operation to begin with are expected to become worse.

Danger to Deaf Ukrainians

Ukrainians are loyal to their land and their homes. We would expect nothing less. They love their homes which they are being violently forced out of through this brutal war. Many are elderly, not only loyal to their homeland, but also require assistance in order to leave.

They find it is difficult to evacuate.

They often wait until it is almost too late.

As the Russian forces push deeper into Ukraine, people who thought they were far from the front lines suddenly find themselves fending a crisis. While speakers and public announcements are broadcast across typical channels, allowing hearing Ukrainians to begin their evacuation on time – Deaf people are often overlooked. That’s the very gap that Deafbridge has taken on as our opportunity to serve and aid Deaf Ukrainians. As this violence intensifies and the war pushes forward to new fronts, the Deaf left behind at the front are expected to be in great need. They need not only rescuing and counseling but also trauma healing and emergency first aid.

Tourniquets and Other Skills

In preparation for this new level of servanthood, the Deafbridge team members spent the past week learning how to perform CPR, administer emergency first aid, and handle the physical traumas that will be before us. Chris is shown here below, showing off his recently acquired skills in making tourniquets. We are humbled to be here in such a time to care for these precious people of Ukraine.

Excitement and Dread

This week our hearts are excited to be equipped to handle the upcoming needs. At the same time, we also look toward the end of the year with dread for those who will be affected. It is these dueling emotions that propel us through these lessons and give us the motivation to learn well. We wish we would never have to use these skills but are equally thankful we can learn them before we find ourselves needing them.

Ready for What Comes

We cannot predict what this war will bring, but having our team trained in emergency first aid, crisis management, and trauma response has been the Lord’s way of equipping us for the anticipated violence to come. We are careful to steward your much-needed financial gifts responsibly to care for Deaf Ukrainians along the front, those already displaced, and those in crisis due to lack of food or necessities. We thank you for your faithfulness and again affirm our commitment to putting the money to good use.

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