Chris Shares about a Typical Day in Ukraine for the DeafBridge Team (ASL with English transcript)

Hello! I’m Chris McKenzie, the president of DeafBridge. Right now I am dealing with our car on loan from Romania. The engine is possibly blown so that is what I am dealing with today. Here, let me show you…

So there’s that! Now we are also working on three vans, getting them equipped with extra gas tanks and filling each of them up to capacity. We have about 15 extra fuel cans to put in the back of the vans and will fill those up for each driver because there is no fuel on the route to Sumy.

We are doing a risk assessment today as we prepare for the trip to make sure that it is safe to go to that area in the war zone. We go to the edge of the Russian-occupied area and the Deaf meet us just outside the occupied zone and we pick them up from the different designated meeting areas along with our media team. We have medics riding with the team to make sure we are keeping the teams safe so we can pick everyone up and take them to a train station in a different city.

There are a lot of logistics to research and figure out. So that’s my day! I do this every day to try to save many Deaf people. I want to say thank you very much for supporting DeafBridge. Your donations are really saving so many lives plus you are providing food for many elderly Deaf people in many different cities all over Ukraine. A lot of our volunteers are believers and as they work to deliver the food they share the Good News of Jesus Christ and they spread His Word during this very hard time.

Please pray for our team and pray for all of the Ukrainian people. Thank you very much! Have a good day.

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  1. Pray for deaf Ukrainian. Pray for gospel to deaf people to know Jesus. Pray for pick deaf people up to go to different place. God protects them also trust in God. Jesus with them. Thank God for providing them food.

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